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Sir John A. MacDonald/Spock Level Sponsor



Ever notice how if you draw a bowl cut on Sir John A. on the Canadian 5$ bill, he bears a striking resemblance to Spock? Anywhooooo...A much appreciated donation that will get you a mention on the show and we'll deface a CAN $5 bill with the image of Spock in honor of Leonard Nimoy & we'll instagram it. 


Pen Pal Level Sponsor



We'll send you a NSTAGU Postcard with a message from us! It will be just like old timey times and you'll get something other than bills in the mail! We will also thank you on the podcast!


Leave us your snailmail address in the paypal comments. 

Friend of MILO Level Sponsor



MIlo will be your friend, and we will send you a print of our original art, a postcard AND thank you on the podcast! We will also deface money, whatever you like, I am sure I can turn William Lyon MacKenzie King into Batman and post it on instagram. 


Leave us your snailmail address in the paypal comments. 


Golden Eagle Level Sponsor



We love that you want us to improve the show! We will send you some original artwork (our choice) but it will be a one of a kind Thank you! And of course we are going to talk about you on the show, or any message you'd like us to share with our audience. 


Leave us your snailmail address in the paypal comments. 


Burke in a Bowtie Level Sponsor



You know what's Classy. 250$ That's pretty classy! Thanks so much! And what we are gonna give you is pretty classy too-Your very own 30 sec spot on our show! You can send us your spot or we will create the spot and it will appear on a minimum of 5 regular episodes. 


Your Name Here Level Sponsor



If you are the 1st to sponsor this amount, this level of sponsorship will be named after you, or named whatever you like. You name it and we will do a cartoon representation of you or your product for the side logo. 


Art Patron Level Sponsor



Commission Professional Digital Artwork from Curtis or Tara Click on thier images to see their portfolios.  You will recieve a printable work that you can use multiple times and print to any size. We do Fantasy, Families and Fan art, Like our styles, we can create an original of our own design. 


The Robots Have Taken Over Level Sponsor



Look, the robots are eventually going to take over, so might as well prepare by getting a ton of 30 second spots right up front. We'll record the spot, and it will appear in a minimum of 25 episodes (that's like more than 6 months!) We promise to keep this podcast going even after the apocalypse, so your advertizing investment is always safe. We will also add your link & Logo to our front page and list episodes as sponsored by YOU on all social media. 


Executive Producer Magnum Level Sponsor



Don't know what an Executive Producer does? Well neither do we, but you can tell us to do whatever you want for an episode as if you're holding a gun to our heads. It can advertize your product or you can be our guest and talk about it yourself. Basically whatever you want, we will do it and put it out to our audience with all the bells and whistles

  • Your own Logo

  • Marketed on all our social media

  • We do all the hard work you sit back and have fun!


Podcasting is a great way to promote yourself or product as it will reach not only our current audience, but as our audience growns you will reach them as well as they listen to back episodes which STILL CONTAINS YOUR MESSAGE (not like TV or Radio). Send us an email if you'd like to know more about our audience. Paypal now and we will be in touch with you to set everything up. 



Apocalyptic Level Sponsor



I think this is the most you can transfer at once with Free Paypal so that is pretty Apocalyptic to us, plus we already had this graphic! WHoa Thank you so much! What do you want? Let us know! Our idea is you can executive produce a show AND we will also create and produce a video that you can be an executive producer on with full credit! We'll be in touch with you for sure!!!!


Wolly Mammoth fighting a T-Rex on a Trampoline Level Sponsor



Crazy ol' Mike White is saving up for a $500,000 donation, and when he reaches that level he dreams of being called a "Wooly Mammoth fights T-Rex on Tramploine level donator."

Feel free to join in Mike's dream $5 at a time and we'll keep track ;)


Total to date $65.00

Fandom Sponsorship-you still get stuff!

$0.00 Priceless


Dudes, we just love that you love the show! If you want to sponsor us in a FREE way, we'd love it if you left us a rating & comment on iTunes! Send us an email with your snail mail address and we'll send you a postcard and a signed print of our artwork in the mail! 


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